Delian League Diaries #5

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Pericles Strategy Guide

This installment of my Delian League Diaries is intended offer deeper insight on how Pericles lets you experience Thucydides’ epic history of this long ago war. I thought it would be interesting to discuss some of the key mechanics and their impact on strategy options.


Pericles Playtest Map. Note that all components shown in this article are playtest components, not final art.

The Madness Behind a CDG Solo Method

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Hi everyone. In today’s InsideGMT article, we are bringing you something new. I know many of you, like me, enjoy solitaire designs. Most of us who have played wargames for a while can even take a non-solitaire design and play it solo, with no problem. But CDGs are much harder to solo. And that has always frustrated me, because they are incredibly thematic and tell great stories, and I LOVE the “immersed in the story” aspect of gaming. Well, recently long-time gamer and CDG-lover Jose Ruiz has put together a method to help all of us play our CDGs solo, helping us to immerse ourselves into the stories of CDGs without knowing all the cards in the opposing hand – in this case specifically for PATHS OF GLORY. So for those of you who don’t already know him from his presence on BGG or his excellent YouTube channel Stuka Joe, I’d like to introduce you to Jose and to his CDG Solo Method, and publicly thank him for making this contribution to our enjoyment of Card-Driven Games while playing solitaire. Enjoy the article and the CDG Solo Method! – Gene

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The Drang River Valley (LZ MARY): Scenario #3 After Action Review from Silver Bayonet

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Following the recommended order of scenario play, the first is #6 Tea Time, we come to scenario #3 LZ Mary. This scenario depicts the night ambush conducted by A/1/9 and some CIDG Strikers on the NVA 66th Regiment as it was moving into the Ia Drang Valley as well as the subsequent NVA counterattack.

[NOTE: These examples don’t, necessarily, show the best tactics to be used. They are for illustrative purposes.]

Tea Time: Scenario #6 After Action Review from Silver Bayonet

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Here’s an AAR of the shortest scenario in the game: #6 “Tea Time”.

This scenario simulTeaTime1ates the night attack by the VC on the Brigade HQ. The HQ was lightly defended and cooks, clerks, and other “ash & trash” were pressed into service as riflemen. The HQ was saved, but that safety was bought dearly.

The Brigade HQ sets up in 3909 along with B/6/14 Artillery Battery. The VC set up in the hexes indicated by the Assault markers. I’ve spread out the units so you can see who is involved. The FWA also start with 10 Air Points which represents the HH-1 Aerial Rocket Artillery helos which were operating out of the HQ.

Setup rules indicate that the PAVN player must place at least one Assault marker. He places three and declares which units are Assaulting. Note that, although there are eight stacking points of units available to the VC, only four stacking points may actually Assault a hex. In this case, the bigger H-15 Main Force companies (2-3-9s) will do so as there are four of them and each is one stacking point.


Thursday evening, May 19th, at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, Virginia — Volko Ruhnke (possibly with a special guest) will be demonstrating and teaching the latest volume in the COIN Series, Falling Sky–The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar  Sound the carnyx!

Date: May 19, 2016
Event: Falling Sky Teaching and Demonstration with Volko Ruhnke
Venue: Huzzah Hobbies
(703) 466-0460
Location: 44927 George Washington Blvd.
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
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Delian League Diaries #4

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During a recent session of Pericles, JR Tracy (host and ASL expert) and myself represented Athens versus our worthy Spartan opponents, Roberto and Nate. We played the 1st Peloponnesian War scenario, which can last from 3 to 6 turns, ending when Peace is declared. In keeping with the history, this one ended up being a true death match and went the distance, as no one wanted to declare Peace.

GMT Weekend at the WarehouseGMTWeekendFall2014

We had a great time with about 90 gamers at our most recent GMT Weekend at the Warehouse on April 21-24. Thanks to all of you who attended and made the event so much fun!

We do have dates for our Fall Weekend, so come join us on October 13-16, 2016, for our 32nd (!) GMT Weekend at the Warehouse! We’ll spend the better part of 3 1/2 days, often long into the night, playing your favorite GMT (and non-GMT, if you’d prefer) games. This is mostly an open gaming event, although we do have tournaments from time to time.

Gaming starts around 8 each morning and goes until Mike Lam and the Down in Flames Aces event players collapse from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning.

Quite a few GMT Designers and Developers usually attend these weekends, but we don’t know yet who’ll be here in the Fall. We’ll be updating this list often between now and the event as we know exactly who’s attending this time.

  • Gene Billingsley will teach and demo Mr. President.
  • As usual, Mike Lam will be running the Down in Flames Aces Event, including the two-player team tournament on Saturday, where Gene and Samantha Billingsley will defend their team title against numerous highly skilled teams who’ve shot them down many times in the past and are gunning for them again.


Date: October 13, 2016—October 16, 2016
Time: 8:00 a.m to late night, ending around noon Sunday
Event: GMT Weekend at the Warehouse - October 13-16, 2016
Sponsor: Gene Billingsley
Venue: GMT Games Offices and Warehouse
Location: 13704 Hanford-Armona Rd, Suite B-1
Hanford, CA 93230
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Conquest of Paradise: Solitaire Rules

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Quite some time ago, Gene asked me to write an InsideGMT article to help support Conquest of Paradise in its pursuit of pre-orders for its new, Deluxe Second Edition printing. Even though there were plenty of improvements from the original printing- such as a mounted map, wood pieces, the new event deck, and improved graphics- Gene wanted more. He strongly suggested a set of solitaire rules for the game.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder: Campaign Rules, Part 2

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This time I’ll address how strike missions have changed in WBY, which is where the most notable differences from the previous rules are.  Most of the changes have one or two main purposes.

Over the years, many players have noted that the Bomber most definitely does not “always get through,” and even less frequently gets home.  This is particularly true for early war Medium Bombers with their feeble Turret Support ratings.  So a number of changes have been made to make bombers at least a little more survivable.

Delian League Diaries #3

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The First Peloponnesian War


Pericles is now starting its public testing with my favorite gamers, the 1st Minnesota. This means that Pericles is now officially launched and from early responses doing very well. I am now getting a breather where I sit back and see how things are going, modify stuff that needs improving and so on. However, the design is finished and I cannot stop playing, which is my key metric for any of my designs.