Why We Do What We Do in The Last Hundred Yards: Time Lapse, Fire and Maneuver Systems

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Why we do what we do in The Last Hundred Yards– In these articles we discuss why we do what we do regarding the various systems and mechanics used in the LHY. On this occasion we will discuss the Time Lapse, Fire and Maneuver systems. To see the first article in this series, check out The Last Hundred Yards Designer’s Notes: Intro, Initiative, and Activation Cycle on InsideGMT.

The Last Hundred Yards AAR: Captain Whitley

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Narrative of Mission 13.0 – Chance Encounter – This Mission involves a chance encounter along a road in sector 9 between an American and a German (Enemy) Infantry Company. Neither player has a favorable Initiative die roll modifier in this Mission. There are 7 Mission Objectives consisting of 3 building hexes and 4 separate Woods (grove of trees). The Mission ends at the end of any game turn if one player controls 5 of the 7 mission objectives. The player controlling the 5 mission objectives wins if his Final Score is < 25.

In this Mission, I (Captain Whitley) was the American player and my brother Gary was the German player.  The following is a brief account of the action.

The Last Hundred Yards Designer’s Notes: Intro, Initiative, and Activation Cycle

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What Am I Doing Here?

Throughout history, a multitude of authors have penned their thoughts regarding warfare on everything from waxed tablets, scrolls, books and electronic media.  Some of these documents emanated from the minds of generals, some from high political persons, some from civilians and some from those that suffered through the utter horror, chaos and unbridled cruelty of combat with men equally confused and terrified, but dead set on killing those that threatened their own survival.

The Last Hundred Yards Example of Play – Part 2

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This is the final installment of the Extended Example of Play for the Last Hundred Yards Mission #2 “Flushing Quail”. The first installment, The Last Hundred Yards Example of Play – Part 1, can be found on InsideGMT.

In continuation of this mission, two American platoons had been tasked with driving a German outpost from Hill 192. To win, the American player must complete the mission with a final score < 20.

As we left it, the American 1st squad, of the 1st platoon had just taken one of the positions on the left side of Hill 192. Lt. Murphy was maneuvering swiftly to support the 1st squad’s gain with the balance of his platoon.. Meanwhile, Lt. Cherry was maneuvering his 1st and 2nd squads through the farm complex to attack the German left.

The German commander, Lt. Lang, realized that he must immediately counter-attack to regain the position now occupied by the American 1st squad before it could be reinforced. He continued to request the much needed mortar support for the defense of Hill 192.

Read on to see whether the Americans get the job done.

The Last Hundred Yards Mission #2 AAR

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On Wednesday, Rob Beggs, one of the play testers for Last Hundred Yards (LHY), and I had the opportunity to play Mission #2: Flushing Quail.  In this mission, the Americans are charged with driving a German outpost from a hill.  This outpost consists of (2) Infantry squads broken down into (4) sections and a Forward Observer (FO) for a 80mm mortar section that has been harassing the American Battalion HQ.  The American force consisted of a two Infantry platoons led by Lts. Cherry and Murphy and a MG section.

The following is Rob’s account of the action: