A Look at Strategy & Tactics for the Germans in Combat Commander by GMT Games

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Today we present another excellent strategy article from our friends at The Player’s Aid, this one by Grant Kleinhenz. I encourage all of our readers to take a look at the outstanding content on their website, and particularly at several of their recent GMT-related articles: 

As always, we are thrilled to have the team from The Player’s Aid contributing their strategy insights about our games here in InsideGMT. Enjoy the article!  – Gene

A Look at Strategy and Tactics for the Americans in Combat Commander by GMT Games

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In this month’s customer update, I highlighted The Player’s Aid website and the good folks that are creating so much high-quality game-related content there. After the update, I asked Grant if he’d like to write an occasional article for InsideGMT to provide some added content to our site, and also to help spread the word about their site to an even broader group of readers. We’re always looking for quality third-party articles about our games, and Grant writes well, so we think it’s a win-win all around.  This article is a look at playing the Americans in Combat Commander. If you’d like to read Grant’s article about playing the Russians, you can find it on The Player’s Aid site here. I encourage you to check out their entire site; it’s chock-full of quality articles about a bunch of games – many of them from GMT Games. Enjoy the article and The Player’s Aid site! – Gene

The 1st entry in this series, found on The Players’ Aid website, is “A Look at Strategy and Tactics for the Russians in Combat Commander by GMT Games“.