Multi-Player Variant for “Illusions of Glory”

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When I first suggested that “Illusions of Glory” be published as a game for two to four players, I also proposed additional strategy cards.  The powers-that-be objected that it would increase the game’s production costs.  After the game went into production, I arrived at a solution that doesn’t require more strategy cards. Now, here is my variant for up to two players on a side:

Talon Tuesday Issue #28: Talon 1000 on P500

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“Talon Tuesdays” is an article series appearing on InsideGMT periodically on Tuesdays.  It features articles from the Talon development team regarding the game’s design, development and upcoming release.

Issue #28: Talon 1000 on P500


We’re so excited to announce the next addition to the Talonverse (what we call the universe in which Talon takes place) – Talon 1000.

As some of you may have already seen in GMT’s September Update, Talon 1000 is now available for pre-order through the P500 system.  (If you’re totally in the dark about what P500 is- in short it is a pre-order system GMT uses to plan game production and printing. More details here if you want).

So what is Talon 1000 and why should you get it?

The Madness Behind a CDG Solo Method

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Hi everyone. In today’s InsideGMT article, we are bringing you something new. I know many of you, like me, enjoy solitaire designs. Most of us who have played wargames for a while can even take a non-solitaire design and play it solo, with no problem. But CDGs are much harder to solo. And that has always frustrated me, because they are incredibly thematic and tell great stories, and I LOVE the “immersed in the story” aspect of gaming. Well, recently long-time gamer and CDG-lover Jose Ruiz has put together a method to help all of us play our CDGs solo, helping us to immerse ourselves into the stories of CDGs without knowing all the cards in the opposing hand – in this case specifically for PATHS OF GLORY. So for those of you who don’t already know him from his presence on BGG or his excellent YouTube channel Stuka Joe, I’d like to introduce you to Jose and to his CDG Solo Method, and publicly thank him for making this contribution to our enjoyment of Card-Driven Games while playing solitaire. Enjoy the article and the CDG Solo Method! – Gene

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Next War Series Supplement #1

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I’d like to announce the availability of the first supplement for the Next War Series.

This supplement will contain the following items:

  • Cyber Warfare Capabilities
  • Alternate Advanced Air Game
  • Submarines
  • Random Events
  • Optional Rules
  • One and a half counter sheets (containing the counters necessary for Cyber Warfare, Alternate Air Game, and Submarine Markers, as well as some useful game state markers)
  • One new Advanced Game Sequence of Play (incorporating necessary changes for the new rules)
  • One Player Aid Card
Cyber Warfare Capabilities
Although for the most part, cyber warfare will take place in the shadows and behind the scenes, the very real possibility exists that some fleeting advantage can be gained when targeting enemy warfighting systems. These rules attempt to provide an abstract framework within which this electronic conflict can be gamed to affect the battlefield.
In general, each nation involved in the conflict depicted by the particular game will receive a number of Cyber Warfare Markers each game turn. During the game turn, at various points, players will be able to use the markers to affect things like Air Defense detection, combat, or the enemy’s Cyber Warfare ability itself. These rules are intended to be used with the Advanced Game only.

Operation Badr – Historical Scenario

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Location: Golan Heights (Southern Sector) October 6, 1973


In this short AAR we take a look at the southern sector of the Golan front and the Syrian assault against the thin Israeli line defending it. The Syrian 5th Infantry division, boosted with two tank brigades, has departed from its staging area and moved towards the Purple Line to commence the assault. Since this session is using the historical setup, the Syrian Op Movement Phase has already taken place and the game begins with the Syrian Combat Phase (the Syrian player is always the First Player in FAB: Golan).


Next War: Korea – Scenario – Modified Tactical Surprise

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Dan Stueber has been a long time proofreader, playtester, and supporter of the Next War series. He has completed and posted several solitaire game session reports on Boardgamegeek including one for the scenario he’s designed for Next War: Korea which is presented for your use below. Hope you enjoy! – Mitch

This scenario postulates a slow buildup of DPRK forces through the use of war games, training, and other deception means. Assume the North Koreans, with the PRC assisting, conduct massive training and war games over a six to eight week period. Each time the training is completed a few units don’t make it back to their home areas. A tank battalion or two has some “maintenance problems” and has to stay in their forward deployed areas. An infantry division disappears into some tunnel complexes. A forward deployed artillery unit does not fire off all of its live ammunition. A local emergency requires an infantry division (or three) to help out the population. Now, the Allies are not blind to what is going on, so over the eight weeks or so that this is occurring they constantly call up their troops and ready their aircraft and then nothing happens. This occurs so many times over the eight (or maybe longer) weeks that some politicians and military leaders begin to think the North Koreans are just blustering as usual. Soon some Allied units become complacent to what is happening across the border. When the balloon does finally go up the ROK troops are caught somewhat by surprise, thus they are slow off the mark in deploying. The good news is the ROK replacement system is up and running and their air force is ready to go. The bad news is any forward troops are going get hurt by the tunnels and infiltration, and they will probably be destroyed. The PRC is assumed to want to solve the South Korean problem before taking care of Taiwan. To do so they commit a large portion of their air force, with most of their new hi-tech units, in this battle. The forward PRC air units that were taking part in the “training exercises” are used to help maintain air superiority over Korea until additional air units can be shifted into the theater. The Chinese mobilize several Group Armies and all of their marine and airborne troops for commitment to the battlefield. At Daegu Airbase the Captain of the Watch is stunned when the airbase is hit by several SCUD missiles. He hits the warning klaxon just as the door is kicked open by a North Korean Special Operations commando…

Silver Bayonet Archival Material, Part 1

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In the course of conducting research and going over old material, Gene and I have stumbled across some items, initially released via the original, paper (*gasp*) version of InsideGMT from 1991. Within those hallowed (and yellowed) archives, we found two additional scenarios as well as some Advanced Game solitaire suggestions. As I get the rest of them cleaned up and ready for consumption, here is the first scenario for your gaming pleasure.