THUNDER ALLEY Gets a Great Review from No High Scores

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About a month ago, we released a new Euro-type racing game, THUNDER ALLEY, designed by Jeff and Carla Horger. We’ve been thrilled to see how many players and game groups are LOVING this game, one that I really believe will be recognized, over time, as one of the best games in the GMT line.  So it’s really cool now to see that the Review sites are starting to get their hands on THUNDER ALLEY, and from what we’re seeing so far, they really like it. I like this part of the No High Scores review:

…  in the blink of an eye this 250 MPH masterpiece has become one of the best racing games that I’ve ever played. It’s a brilliant piece of design that nails down the most important elements drivers at Talledega or Daytona experience while also creating compelling spaces for tactical movement decisions and coordinated, team-focused gameplay.”

Congratulations to Jeff and Carla on their terrific design! I’m clearly a bit biased, but I believe they deserve every bit of the praise they are afforded in this review. Great job!

Here’s a link to the full review on the No High Scores site:  No High Scores Thunder Alley review