Twilight Struggle Digital Version Update

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Hi everyone!

Here’s a new update on the Twilight Struggle Digital Version from Randy at Playdek. Enjoy!



Greetings, Backers!

I’d like to give you a quick update on how development of Twilight Struggle: Digital Edition is going. Online multiplayer is pretty solid now. Gary & I have asynchronous games going all the time. Although the game also runs as a standalone application on both PC and Mac, we mainly play on our iPads so we can continue to take our turns after work hours. We haven’t found any serious bugs for a couple of months, so our games almost always reach a conclusion. As a result, games have gotten very competitive. Now and then we must make a change to the game server that invalidates the current games. When this happens, we are usually in the middle of an intense game and always try to quickly finish it rather than abandon it.  

Silver Bayonet: The 25th Anniversary Edition

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cover (1)Back in 1989, before the “G”, “M”, and “T” had even officially formed a company, I was working on my first “real” (as opposed to all the extremely amateur efforts that violated my game tables during the college and early-professional years. MAN, I kinda wish I’d kept the one on Brice’s Crossroads!) game design, an operational level game covering the campaigns of the newly arrived 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam’s Central Highlands in late 1965. That game was Silver Bayonet, and it was the game that tested a system that my other two initial designs, Air Bridge to Victory and Operation Shoestring, were based on. We actually released all three together in late 3rd quarter, 1990, but Silver Bayonet, to me at least, was always “my first published game.”

Later this year, to mark our 25th year in business – no small feat in this industry – we’re going to release a complete remake of that original game, as a special 25th Anniversary Edition of Silver Bayonet. This edition will feature WAY better map and counters than what we published in 1990 (thank you Mark Simonitch and Charlie Kibler!), a few new units, and a complete rework of rules, while maintaining essentially the same (streamlined just a bit) operational system that appeared in the original. Rodger is doing special cover art for this edition as well, so this should be a pretty cool package, all in all.

The only reason I can really make a new design of this original game a reality is because my friend (and our webmaster) Mitch Land has agreed to help. As many of you know, Mitch has taken over the reigns of my original Crisis: Korea 1995 system and is now creating new games using that system in our “Next War” series. Recently he came to me and inquired about basically doing the same thing with my Operational Series – updating it and then taking it to new topics and eras. I replied that “I’ve been thinking about doing a 25th Anniversary Edition of Silver Bayonet, and this would really help me with the workload.” So, we agreed, the only difference being that I’m way more involved in the Silver Bayonet project – it’s still my baby, I guess – than I was with any of the Next War series update. So I have the original game out on my game table and am looking anew at the system, scenarios, as well as scaling issues for the reworked map (more below on map and counters). We have a May deadline to send the game to the printers (for a planned Fall release), so this is something that I’m working on daily. And Mitch is a huge help, getting the rules in shape for Mark and helping me identify areas we can tighten up in the system and scenarios.

We plan to have our usual robust presence at Prezcon this year. Andy Lewis will be manning the GMT booth to both sell our games and look at potential future game designs (if you want Andy to look at one of your games, please contact him in advance of the convention).

Additionally, several of our designers/developers plan to attend. Here’s the list we know of to date:

  • Mark Miklos will be GMing the American Revolution Series tournament
  • Volko Ruhnke will be GMing the Fire in the Lake tournament
  • Bryan Collars will be GMing the Combat Commander tournament
  • Fred Schachter will be GMing the Rebel Raiders on the High Seas tournament
  • Kevin McPartland will be GMing the Conquest of Paradise tournament
Date: February 23, 2015—March 1, 2015
Event: Prezcon 2015
Sponsor: Prezcon, Inc.
Venue: DoubleTree Charlottesville
(434) 973-2121
Location: 990 Hilton Heights Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Public: Public

Next War: Taiwan Scenario – Invasion!

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18.3.8 Invasion! – Operational Map Only Scenario

This scenario allows players to play the Advanced Game scenarios, but ignore any naval aspects. The scenario assumes that the PRC has been able to nullify the ROC Navy, secure the Inshore approaches to Taiwan, and begin to establish a beachhead on Taiwan.

Dates for this year’s GMT East are March 20-22, 2015. We also will have space available during the day on Thursday, March 19. Pleasantville will be available at 10 am for those that want to arrive early.

Registration will be $70 for the full weekend. You can register at the Event Registration Page on the GMT Website.

(A reminder that GMT designers and developers should contact Andy Lewis directly via email to register.)

We have a room block at Crowne Plaza – group code W8K. Room rate is $129 for one king or two double beds.

The link for hotel reservations is:

See the discussion group under Conventions on Consimworld to ask questions about additional details.

T-shirt can not be guaranteed if ordered after Feb 15.

Designers/Developers Attending: (Under Construction)

  • Andy Lewis
  • Mark Herman
  • Hermann Luttmann
  • Fred Manzo
  • Jeff and Carla Horger
Date: March 20, 2015—March 22, 2015
Event: GMT East 2015
Sponsor: Andy Lewis, GMT Games
Venue: Crown Plaza, White Plains, NY
Location: 66 Hale Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Next War: Korea Scenario – Regime Change

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  16.2.7 Regime Change Scenario

Rather than facing a foe which is disintegrating in front of them as in the Collapse! Scenario, this scenario depicts a situation in which the U.S. and ROK have decided that enough is enough, and the regime in North Korea needs to be changed. To that end, they’ve decided to build-up and invade. The Commonwealth has opted out, but, with world tensions high, both China and Russia may step in to even the odds…

This scenario is intended for two players and uses only the North map. Use the new Series rules released with Next War: Taiwan and available via the Support Site. (This scenario is also available at that site as a PDF.)

Hitler’s Reich: A Card Conquest System Game: Extended Example of Play (Part 2 of 2)

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HitlerReichTAB_P500(RBM)Click here to read Part I of this article

Chapter Four.  Blitzkrieg & Second Success Action

Because the Axis won its first Action, it gains a Second Success Bonus Action.  The Axis choice to take the Production Center Bonus Event Action put that Success Action in jeopardy, as had the Axis failed in the Production Center Bonus Event his turn would have ended.  The Axis was successful, however, and thus play continues to its Success Bonus Action OR choose to immediately launch a Blitzkrieg Attack from newly captured Leningrad.

This is an important game decision, since by making an immediate Blitzkrieg Attack the Axis Player may continue using the Manstein, Stukas and Waffen SS Events.  Otherwise, those three Event cards would be “flipped over” and not available until the next Axis turn.



Geekway to the West

Last year, over 1000 gamers attended Geekway to the West.

The board gaming event features a 1200-title library, tons of open play space, and signature events. Come join us and get your Geek on! A four-day registration is only $45 ($35 Early Bird – ends 12 Jan 2015) and gets you your badge, entry into daily giveaways, a free game, and access to the massive game library as well as the Play and Win titles. Meet game designers, play games, and enjoy the best four days in board gaming!

Mitchell Land will be there with Next War: Korea and Next War: Taiwan as well as, hopefully, a playtest copy of Next War: India-Pakistan.

Date: May 14, 2015—May 17, 2015
Event: Geekway to the West
Venue: Westport Sheraton Chalet
(314) 878-1500
Location: 191 Westport Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63146
St. Louis, MO 63146
Registration: Click here to register.

Next War: Taiwan Examples of Play

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The following examples are intended to assist with some of the trickier aspects of play in the recently released Next War: Taiwan.

Penghu Invasion Example

The following is an example of how to conduct an invasion of Penghu using the Advanced Game Series Rules. It is not, necessarily, the best way to go about it, but it is used as an illustration of the various methods of taking a hostile Penghu away from the Republic of China.

The example assumes that the PRC controls the Taiwan Straits Inshore Box. The example dispenses with all other non-essential steps, phases, and segments in the Sequence of Play and covers only the relevant portions of the Initiative Movement and Combat Segments.

At the beginning of an Initiative Turn, the PRC controls the Taiwan Straits Inshore Box, and both of the pesky ROC SAGs have been eliminated. The PRC determines that it will invade Penghu using the forces shown. For convenience, they are shown on the Naval Display, but they also simultaneously occupy the PRC Holding Box on the main operational map as well.