The Pendragon Chronicles Vol. 2 – Raiding

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Possibly the most characteristic feature of Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain is the importance of raiding and counter-raider warfare: no matter what approach you adopt, you are going to undertake (if you play a Barbarian faction) or suffer (if you are playing a Briton faction) a lot of raids, so let’s start with raiding. We will talk of counter-raider warfare in the next installment of these Chronicles.

Talon Tuesday Issue #28: Talon 1000 on P500

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“Talon Tuesdays” is an article series appearing on InsideGMT periodically on Tuesdays.  It features articles from the Talon development team regarding the game’s design, development and upcoming release.

Issue #28: Talon 1000 on P500


We’re so excited to announce the next addition to the Talonverse (what we call the universe in which Talon takes place) – Talon 1000.

As some of you may have already seen in GMT’s September Update, Talon 1000 is now available for pre-order through the P500 system.  (If you’re totally in the dark about what P500 is- in short it is a pre-order system GMT uses to plan game production and printing. More details here if you want).

So what is Talon 1000 and why should you get it?

The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble: Game Development Progress Report and Updated Overview Presentation

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It’s been awhile since the last InsideGMT article concerning The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble, henceforth referred to as 7YW:FG.  This piece is an update of the game’s development progress as well as solicitation of InsideGMT readers of whether the game is on the right track in considering certain content.

Why Ariovistus?

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Here is a look at why we thought Falling Sky deserved an Ariovistus expansion, what comes in the package, and how we chose what to include. (Quotations from Caesar’s Gallic War are translations by Carolyn Hammond, Oxford University Press.)

B&T Warpath Chronicles #2: Action tokens Part 2 — ABC of Action Tokens and Round Start Play Example

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Bayonets & Tomahawks Biweekly” is an article series appearing on InsideGMT periodically every two weeks. It features articles from the Bayonets & Tomahawks development team regarding the game’s design, development and upcoming release.

Issue #2: Action tokens PART 2 — ABC of action tokens and round start play example

In part 1, I explained how the Action tokens came to be, introduced their role and described broadly how they benefit gameplay. In part 2, I will explain the Action tokens in more detail and show how they are actually used at the start of an action round.

Setting the Scene for Under the Southern Cross

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I. Introduction

The Flying Colors series of tactical naval games, designed by Mike Nagel, has proven to be not only popular, but very flexible in simulating a variety of naval actions from the age of sail. Followers of the series have seen fleet actions in the Atlantic and Mediterranean between the great European fleets of Great Britain, France and Spain, fought battles off the coast of India, in the Great Lakes of North America, and even in the Baltic and Black Seas.  Volume IV: Under the Southern Cross (USC) promises an entirely new set of challenges as the scene of action shifts to the rocky Pacific coast and the expansive river systems of South America.

Evolving the Wing Leader System

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Developing the second volume of Wing Leader was supposed to be so simple. I would assemble some new aircraft data cards, throw together some scenarios, kick it out the door, then. . . profit!

It all went wrong when people started to LIKE the first volume, Wing Leader: Victories. The problem when people like your game is that they play it. They play it a lot. They push the system and ask awkward questions. (What bastards!) Next thing you know, you’re responding to the feedback, tweaking rules, nerfing some values while buffing others. The game evolves!

The Last Hundred Yards Mission #2 AAR

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On Wednesday, Rob Beggs, one of the play testers for Last Hundred Yards (LHY), and I had the opportunity to play Mission #2: Flushing Quail.  In this mission, the Americans are charged with driving a German outpost from a hill.  This outpost consists of (2) Infantry squads broken down into (4) sections and a Forward Observer (FO) for a 80mm mortar section that has been harassing the American Battalion HQ.  The American force consisted of a two Infantry platoons led by Lts. Cherry and Murphy and a MG section.

The following is Rob’s account of the action:

History Never Repeats Itself When Playing Cataclysm

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It is November, 1946. German resistance collapses as French tanks roll into Berlin. For the typical WWII game, this can’t be possible.

Cataclysm is not your typical WWII game. The game starts in 1933, not 1939. Germany has no Luftwaffe and no panzer armies. France is supreme. Yet from this corner, Germany somehow emerges to wreak havoc in Europe. And Japan is poised to sweep Asia before anyone can stop it.