A Look at Strategy and Tactics for the Americans in Combat Commander by GMT Games

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In this month’s customer update, I highlighted The Player’s Aid website and the good folks that are creating so much high-quality game-related content there. After the update, I asked Grant if he’d like to write an occasional article for InsideGMT to provide some added content to our site, and also to help spread the word about their site to an even broader group of readers. We’re always looking for quality third-party articles about our games, and Grant writes well, so we think it’s a win-win all around.  This article is a look at playing the Americans in Combat Commander. If you’d like to read Grant’s article about playing the Russians, you can find it on The Player’s Aid site here. I encourage you to check out their entire site; it’s chock-full of quality articles about a bunch of games – many of them from GMT Games. Enjoy the article and The Player’s Aid site! – Gene

The 1st entry in this series, found on The Players’ Aid website, is “A Look at Strategy and Tactics for the Russians in Combat Commander by GMT Games“.

Tearing Apart Hitler’s Reich: The Designers Battle It Out in the Overlord/Bagration Scenario: 1944 Game Set-Up

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This After Action Report article presumes the reader already has some familiarity with the game through perusing material now resident within its InsideGMT archive.  It is hoped this piece will add to your appreciation of this exciting and fun to play P-500 listed game and, hopefully, encourage placing an order for the game if it encourages interest.

Gallipoli, 1915 Example of Play (Part 2) – Moving, Firing, Assaulting, Hiding

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This example uses scenario 10.7.1 Kemal’s Counter Attack, a two-player scenario designed to be played in an afternoon. To catch up, check out Part 1 of the Gallipoli Example of Play on InsideGMT, now updated using the final game rules.

MBT Example of Play (Part 2): Advanced Game AP Combat

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Continuing the AP Direct Fire example from the Basic Game, everything remains the same with the exception of the Hit screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-39-30-pmAngle, Hit Location and Damage determinations. It is determined that the M2A1 Bradley’s Rear/Side Hit Angle is applicable [in the Advanced Game there are four hit angles (six when including the mirrored right and left sides)].

B&T Warpath Chronicles #4: Developer’s Introduction

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Greetings from just south of Baltimore, MD.  My name is Barry Setser and I am the developer for GMT’s upcoming game – Bayonets & Tomahawks.  Many of you know the name from numerous conventions and gatherings over the years, but there’s a larger contingent that have no idea who I am.  I would like to take this bi-weekly occasion to introduce myself, let you know a bit about my gaming credentials, and then top things off with a development update on B&T.

The Pendragon Chronicles Vol. 3 – Counter-Raider Warfare

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Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.56.27 PM

As we examined in the previous volume of these Chronicles, raiding is an important feature of the period covered by Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. As a consequence, if you are playing a Briton faction, you better be prepared to suffer significant harm and desolation from marauding raiders. But that does not mean you are helpless in trying to mitigate, punish, or even deter these depredations, as you are going to see forthwith.

Two Good Years Out of Seven: The View from Paris After a Game of The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble

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Introduction by 7YW:FG Game Developer – Fred Schachter

Mark McLaughlin and my designer/developer partnership span a number of fine GMT games: but since my business career took me away from the Northeast; it’s been all too rare that I could visit with my friend Mark and enjoy a good fun time gaming.  A recent trip to New York City, however, provided opportunity for a side trip to Mark’s home. 

During this visit, I re-introduced Mark to Greg Ticer’s The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble, which we last played a few Impulses of during WBC 2014 when GMT introduced us to Greg.  As InsideGMT content for this game indicates; there’s been considerable progress and improvements made to this design since that WBC. 

It was a genuine pleasure to share the latest iteration of 7YW:FG with Mark. Mark had such a grand gaming experience he was inspired to write this After Action Report for InsideGMT.  I wrote the photo captions and the end game victory calculations. However, this article’s photos would be better appreciated if a reader references a copy of the 7YW:FG play test map.  Enjoy!   

First Time Into The Maze: Beginner Strategy in Labyrinth: Awakening

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The Awakening expansion to Labyrinth was released in September, 2016, and added event cards and rules to cover the period 2010 through 2015.  It has been exciting for me as the designer to see player comments on-line as they explore the rules and test the Bots.  Many players commented that their goal in this exploration phase is to grasp the mechanics of the expansion while experiencing for the first time the effects of the near-current events included in the deck; in this exercise, game strategy is of secondary importance.  With approximately 50 Awakening games under my belt during design and play test, I decided write a brief article on strategic considerations as a primer for new players to consider as they advance their level of play.