MBT Example of Play (Part 6): Advanced Game Hand-to-Hand Combat

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To see the previous parts of this Example of Play, check out Part 1 (Basic Game AP Combat)Part 2 (Advanced Game AP Combat)Part 3 (Advanced Game ATGM Dodge), Part 4 (Advanced Game GP Fire), and Part 5 (Advanced Game Close Assault Combat) on InsideGMT.

The Pendragon Chronicles – Vol. 5 – Foederati

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For the very first time in the COIN series, in Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain, you will be able to take control and use for your own the pieces of another faction… How so? Through the very unique feature of Foederati, that typical Late Roman practice of hiring potential or even erstwhile enemies in exchange for land or subsidies. Let us explore this further:

B&T Warpath Chronicles #7: Raids

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Bayonets and Tomahawks – Burning Hay is the Scent of Victory!

“My friend, I have a bad feeling something bad is about to happen.”  “Nonsense George, there’s no enemy within hundreds of miles of Wills Creek, Virginia.”  Famous first words for the beginning of a game of Bayonets and Tomahawks as the British player. As the war begins, the British western frontier is woefully undermanned and it is the wise and savvy French that start the first two turns off with a massive raiding campaign to put the British firmly on the defense from the get-go.

The Last Hundred Yards Designer’s Notes: Intro, Initiative, and Activation Cycle

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What Am I Doing Here?

Throughout history, a multitude of authors have penned their thoughts regarding warfare on everything from waxed tablets, scrolls, books and electronic media.  Some of these documents emanated from the minds of generals, some from high political persons, some from civilians and some from those that suffered through the utter horror, chaos and unbridled cruelty of combat with men equally confused and terrified, but dead set on killing those that threatened their own survival.

Colonial Twilight: Propaganda Rounds and Pivotal Events

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In this article I will write about the specific activities that take place during the Propaganda Rounds in Colonial Twilight, and about the various Pivotal Events that players can execute during the game.

Colonial Twilight has three scenarios: Full, Medium and Short, consisting of 5, 4 and 3 Propaganda Rounds respectively. Like other COIN system games, in preparing the deck for play, one Propaganda Card is shuffled into each group of 12 Event Cards, so the run of cards between two Propaganda Rounds (the “campaign”) can be (but likely won’t be) up to 24 cards.

Fox One! Beyond Visual Range Combat in Red Storm

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In the late 1980s battlefield imagined in the upcoming game Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987, beyond visual range (BVR) combat changes significantly from earlier games in the series. BVR missiles  by the late 1980s were both more numerous and more deadly than ever before, and both sides were expected  to use them in large quantities. This article will discuss some of the potential changes in BVR combat in Red  Storm and the thinking behind them.

Designing Wing Leader: Blitz

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When I designed the first Wing Leader game, I made a conscious decision to go broad with the game content rather than narrow. Looking at other WW2 air games, such as Air Force and Fighting Wings, they begin with an intense focus on a single-theatre–always northwest Europe–so as to maximize coverage of the Luftwaffe. Let’s face it, the Luftwaffe sells. Hooray for Herrenvolk!

The Pendragon Chronicles – Vol. 4 – Battles & Assaults

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The fourth and fifth centuries AD were ones of widespread violence in Western Europe as the old Roman imperial structure buckled down under internal tensions and external barbarian pressure. Whether as a result of raids, or as a product of direct military confrontations between rival powers, there will be a lot of battles in Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain, and we are now going to have a look at how these work.