MBT Example of Play (Part 5): Advanced Game Close Assault Combat

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The Situation – Advanced Game Close Assault Combat

A Soviet Motor Rifle squad, Regulars Unit Grade, located in Woods hex is Close Assaulting a Suppressed US M1 Abrams located in a Scrub hex at a range of 1 hex.


Both units are at the same height and have Move commands [to Close Assault, the Soviet squad must have a Move command]. The US player is the First Player. Even though the Soviet player is the Second Player, Close Assault combat is resolved in the Close Assault/Hand-to-Hand Combat Step of the Movement Phase, which precedes the Movement Step [that way, First Player vehicles do not move away before Second Player Close Assaults are resolved]. Since the US unit is already adjacent, Overwatch Fire is not triggered [Close Assaults are possible at a range of 2 hexes, an Advancing Attack, in that case Overwatch Fire is possible].

The Motor Rifle squad’s GP Factor is 8; not 7 as listed on its Data Card [Close Assault GP Factors are fixed based on the size of the unit, squad, half-squad or section]. The M1 Abrams’s GP Defense Factor is 5A; not 8A as listed on its Data Card [5 is the maximum vehicle defense against Close Assault combats].

The Close Assault modifiers are now checked for any effect. The Net Modifier is 0 as a result of the following modifiers:

  • Moving Vehicle –10
  • Vehicle Suppressed +20
  • Motor Rifle squad Regulars Unit Grade –10

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-47-47-amThe 8 GP Factor column on the GP Combat Table is cross-referenced with the GP Defense of 5. The two numbers found are 40 for the N-Effect and 72 for the S-Effect [Close Assaults are a form of GP Combat and utilize the same procedures]. The Soviet player rolls (100) [rolls two different colored 10-sided dice]. The result is 85, so the net roll is 85 (0 modifier). Since 85 is greater than 72 the combat is an Effective Result. The Motor Rifle squad is marked with a Spot/Move counter [there is no need to place the counter under the edge of its command counter since the Combat Phase is complete].

Since the net result ended in 5 [85], the M1 Abrams is damaged [GP Fire, including Close Assaults, utilizes the rule of 5s & 10s to determine if a vehicle is damaged or suffers a track hit; 5 indicates a damaged result]. The Soviet player rolls (10) [rolls a single d10]. The result is 3. The M1 Abrams is marked with a Turret Dmgd counter [must determine if the turret or the hull was damaged].


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