MBT Example of Play (Part 8 and Final): Optional Morale

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The Situation – Optional Morale

Morale is a descriptive term in MBT used to convey the overall status of a formation’s ability to stand in a fight. Keep in mind that a formation’s morale is totally different from its Grade. Grade, at the Force, Formation or Unit level, is a measure of skill and training, while Morale is a measure of relative stability in the face of the enemy.

Two key elements make up the Morale System: the Numeric Cohesion Point and the Break Point. The Numeric Cohesion Point should be thought of as the trigger point. Until it is reached, a formation functions normally in all respects, although certain special events [Forced Morale check] may cause a unit to take a Morale Check. After the Numeric Cohesion Point is reached, the units within a formation become more likely to break with each passing turn.

The Break Point is a representation of probability of a unit’s breaking. Breaking is not automatic. Some units have a greater chance of breaking than others. Once a unit breaks, it is severely limited in its ability to function and must recover before it can again function normally.

A US Mech Inf squad, Veteran Unit Grade, located in a Scrub hex was just Overrun by a Soviet T-80BV and Suppressed [it is marked with a Suppressed On counter]. The T-80BV is now adjacent to and directly behind the squad. Its formation is not yet at its Cohesion Point. An unbroken command unit from its formation is within Command Range [the adjacent US Mech Infantry half-squad].

Due to the fact that the squad was Overrun, it must make an immediate Forced Morale Check even though its formation is not yet at its Cohesion Point.

The net modifier is +30:

  • Veteran Unit Grade +10
  • Suppressed –20
  • Unbroken command unit within Cmd Rng +20 [command units provide stability]
  • Forced Morale Check +20

The US player rolls (100) [rolls two different colored 10-sided dice]. The result is 36; the net result is a 66 (36+30). Since 66 falls within the Hesitation Range (51-70) on the US row on the Break Point Table [each force has individual Break Points], the US Mech Inf squad is marked with a Hesitation/On counter.

A third element now comes into play: Hesitation. A unit may not break, but it is not quite certain of its situation; it is hesitating. The addition of this element or status removes breaking as an all or nothing situation. The impact of Hesitation is not as severe as breaking. In addition, units automatically recover from Hesitation [in the same manner as Suppression, Broken units do not automatically recover].

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