Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea: Meet the Celt-Iberians

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Below is the fourth in a series of articles from Mark McLaughlin showcasing the ten civilizations in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. The first three articles can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy!

The Celtic peoples of Iberia were renowned for their metal-working skills.  Their area’s rich mineral deposits and plentiful ores were the raw materials forged into highly-sought-after adornments and magnificent blades.  The Celt-Iberians also drew much of their wealth from the herds of cattle raised in their lush valleys which lay beneath the walls of their mountain fortresses or castros.

These traits are represented in the bonuses given the Celt-Iberians in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea.  That mineral wealth and artistry is reflected in the one or two Talents they may gain each turn while the additional Tile they may place during the Growth Phase represents their ability to sustain an ever-growing population through their skill as herdsmen.

Those Talents can prove very useful to ward off disasters as well as in Competition, for whenever a Civilization is required to lose a Tile it may expend a Talent in lieu of such loss.  Talents can also be used to purchase Cards – and Victory Points as well as assist in the raising of Wonders.

Tucked away on the western edge of the board, the Celt-Iberians usually, at least at first, only need to worry about two neighbors – the Gauls to the north and the Mauretanians across the sea in Africa.  As they – or others – expand, however, so too will their interaction with other potentially hostile Civilizations.

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