Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea: Meet the Mycenaeans

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Below is the sixth in a series of articles from Mark McLaughlin showcasing the ten civilizations in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. The first five articles can be found here, here, herehere, and here. Enjoy!

The face that launched a thousand ships, Helen of Troy’s, led Agamemnon, her brother-in-law, to lay siege to and eventually take Troy, as Homer tells us in the Iliad (and the start of the Odyssey).  Whether or not there ever was such a person is a matter of debate, but the Mycenaeans did indeed exist – and were formidable warriors whose ferocity and prowess are fact.

Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea gives these feared raiders their due.  Not only do they gain two White Tiles for use in two different land battles, they also gain an extra Talent of booty the first time they gain loot during a turn’s Competition Phase.  Loot is gained whenever one Civilization eliminates three or more Tiles of another Civilization in a single Land Area during Competition and remains in sole possession of that Area.

While those Talents may not be used in the same Competition Phase in which they are earned (see the above Loot Section for each Civilization),  the lure of gaining such bonus riches is a definite incentive to a player who is looking for a Civilization that makes the most of a strategy of conquest and raiding.

The Mycenaean bonuses are handed down to their heirs, the Greeks, in the Greeks vs. Persians Historical Wargame Scenario, and to the Macedonians, in another such scenario, that of Alexander vs. Darius.

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