Twilight Struggle Play the Experts #2: Create a Little Chaos Here

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Here is Part 2 of Game 1 in Brian’s Twilight Struggle Play the Experts video series. Part 1 can be found here. Enjoy!

Brian Reynolds

In the second installment of the game (covering turns 3 and 4), we talk about the Turn 3 Reshuffle and how that can be used to best advantage. We also look at some exotic possibilities for the Nuclear Test Ban card, and talk about how to try to read the tea leaves to guess what scoring cards our opponent might hold. Watching our opponent’s excellent play we’ll also see the benefits for the US of a strong “action round 6” end of turn play and look at ways the US can try to defend against possible Soviet control of Central America. We’ll also touch on realignments as we battle to prevent him from dominating Africa.

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