Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea: Meet the Trojans

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Below is the seventh in a series of articles from Mark McLaughlin showcasing the ten civilizations in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. The first six articles can be found here, here, herehere, and here, and here. Enjoy!

The topless towers of Ilium have been celebrated in verse since even before Homer wrote of them in the Iliad.  The mighty fortified city of Troy which dominated the vital trade route through and across the Dardanelles between Asia and Europe was a prize the ancient Greeks so desired that they spent ten long years laying siege, fighting epic battles, and engaging in legendary duels beneath its walls.  The Trojans were more than just collectors of tolls; they were also known for their skill in breeding and handling horses, and for their devoted allies from the interior who proved so valuable in fending off Greek armies for so long.

The Trojan Civilization in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is unique in that it has a near inviolable base in its home area.  As long as there are at least two Trojan Tiles in the Troy Area, it is safe from the ravages and disasters that are normally inflicted by Card play.  Its defense is further strengthened by the bonus of a White Tile that may be placed in Troy during Competition, and by an additional White Tile available for Competition elsewhere on Land.  Troy can do more than just defend itself – unless, of course, that damned wooden horse is left before their walls (as represented by the Traitor -aka Trojan Horse – Card).

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