Space Empires: Thematic “Danger!” Results

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Below is an article from our newest blog contributor, David Waldorf. He has chosen to share with us his thematic results for the “Danger!” chits in Space Empires 4X. Enjoy! -Rachel

While the “Danger!” chits in Space Empires 4x provide a simple way to deal with the peril of space exploration, it might feel frustrating to some when you simply lose a ship without knowing what happened to it, or without a chance to react t0 the danger. Read on for a simple rules tweak that makes the “Danger!” markers a bit more thematic.

When a “Danger!” chit is flipped over, instead of simply removing the exploring vessel, the player now rolls one d10 to see what happens to the ship. Rolls of 7-10 still simply destroy the ship outright due to sudden catastrophic accidents, but consult the chart below on a roll of 1-6:

In order to keep track of what damage has been done to a ship, place a numeral marker on top of the unit until it has been repaired or destroyed. If it is desirable to conceal what damage a ship sustained, simply give a chart to each player at the beginning of the game and each can secretly reorder the numbers.


  • Any damaged ship can be towed by a miner as though it were a wreck.
  • Only Damaged Cargo Bay and Major Drive Malfunctions warrant an immediate return for repairs.  With all others, the vessel may elect to continue its mission for a time.
  • Should a ship sustain additional damage from “Danger!” markers before completing repairs, it is eliminated.
  • Combat with damaged ships: if an enemy ship comes across an adrift vessel, treat it like a space wreck. In all other cases, combat proceeds as usual, taking into account the limitations listed on the Outcomes chart (reduced/inoperative firepower, inability to retreat).

This tweak will obviously make games a little more fiddly, but it also adds a certain level of realism and thematic emphasis.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Enjoy!

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