Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea: Meet the Minoans

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Below is the ninth in a series of articles from Mark McLaughlin showcasing the ten civilizations in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. The first eight articles can be found here, here, hereherehereherehere, and here. Enjoy!

Minos with its Minotaur, Labyrinth, and recently unearthed palaces is a place of exotic mystery and legend.  It was also one of the first great seafaring cultures of the Mediterranean, one envied as much for its wealth as it was respected for its command of the seas.

While almost all other sailors of antiquity hugged the coast and beached their ships at dusk, Minoan traders frequently braved the wine dark sea to reach the shores of Egypt.  An advanced civilization that is often seen as the model for Plato’s Atlantis, Minos, for a time, dominated the Eastern Mediterranean and may so again if played well in a game of Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea.

The Minoans are the only true sea power in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea.  While the Phoenicians also share their ability to enter the board’s two Deep Sea Areas, the Minoans have real naval power.  They not only add a White Tile in Competition in each of the Sea Areas adjacent to their island home, but also may add a Tile in each of two other Sea Areas, anywhere.  They are also the only power which can do so, not merely in response to a challenge, but also to create a Competition – a conflict – between Civilizations in a Sea Area.  They have many reasons to do so, for the Minoans also gain Victory Points for being the only Civilization in a Sea Area.

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