Next War: Taiwan Scenario – Invasion!

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18.3.8 Invasion! – Operational Map Only Scenario

This scenario allows players to play the Advanced Game scenarios, but ignore any naval aspects. The scenario assumes that the PRC has been able to nullify the ROC Navy, secure the Inshore approaches to Taiwan, and begin to establish a beachhead on Taiwan.

PRC Scenario Specifications

Allocations: 34 Supply Points; 2 Airmobile Points; All Special Forces counters; 2 Mobile Supply Units; 28 Cruise Missile Points; Submarine Threat Level: 4; 20 x VP (prior to any Optional VP)

Air Defenses:

If U.S. Intervention Level 2 or higher: Detection – 4; SAMs – 5; AAA – 2; AWACs Advantage – 1

If U.S. Intervention Level 1 or less: Detection – 6; SAMs – 7; AAA – 2; AWACs Advantage – 2

Setup: Available in the PRC Holding Box are all of 1 & 164 Marines (except for 1/1, 1A/1, & 2/1 Marines – these are occupying Penghu and may not be used), 3 x Airborne Divisions, 1st/1GA Amph. Mech. Inf. Div., and 1 x Zhi-10; 1 x Beachhead.

After the ROC sets up, the PRC may pick any “Western” Beach hex and place the PRC Beachhead in it. He may then place any available 1 & 164 Marines and/or Airborne units in any non-Urban hex within 2 hexes of the Beachhead hex. If the hex is a City and/or Installation hex adjacent to the Beachhead, place a PRC Control marker and adjust VP accordingly. Otherwise, place the PRC units under a Clearing Marker. If any Towns or Airfields are within 2 hexes of the Beachhead hex, place a PRC control marker and adjust VP accordingly. The PRC Airborne units may also be placed in any non-Urban/City/Installation hex in Taiwan. Make a roll for each unit on the Paradrop Table. If they are placed in terrain not normaly allowed for Airborne Movement, roll as if they were in Rough Woods.

If, after all PRC units are placed, any ROC units are in a hex into which a PRC unit was placed or are adjacent to the Beachhead, apply a step loss to the ROC unit, and the ROC player must displace the unit to the nearest friendly-occupied hex.

Roll a die for each PRC unit which sets up in Taiwan; if the result is a “0” apply a step loss to the unit. All PRC air units begin in the PRC Ready box; the Allies earn VP normally for eliminated units.

Reinforcement Schedule:

Supply Points: 1 per turn on GT2+.

Replacement & Cruise Missile Points: 2 per turn on GT3+.

GT1 124th/42GA AMID; 3rd Inf Bde; 2 x Airmobile Pts; 1 x SOF Marker
GT2 1 x division; 92nd Inf Bde; 1 x SOF Marker
GT3 1 x division; 179th Inf Bde; 1 x Airmobile Pt
GT4 1 x division; 36th Inf Bde; 1 x SOF Marker
GT6 1 x division; 1 x Zhi-10; 1 x Airmobile Pt
GT7 1 x division; 1 x SOF Marker
GT8 1 x division; 1 x Airmobile Pt
GT9 1 x division; 1 SOF Marker
GT10 1 x division
GT11 1 x SOF Marker


Allied Scenario Specifications

Allocations: 16 Supply Points; all ROC Special Forces counters; 1 U.S. Special Forces counter (if available); 1 Supply Depot [19.4]; ASW Level: 1

Air Defenses: Detection – 4; SAMs – 4; AAA – 2;

Setup: All ROC non-Reinforcement units, except the 77th Marines, set up as defined in 18.1.2. No ROC Naval Units are set up. All ROC Air Units are placed in the ROC Basing Box. Once the PRC is done placing his units in accordance with his setup instructions, all ROC units may conduct a normal move. Any ER 6 units may move twice.

Reinforcement Schedule:

Replacements: ROC – 1 per turn on GT 3+; U.S. – If Posture is Aggressive, 1 per turn on GT5+

GT2 A; 2 x random Reserve brigades
GT3 C; 2 x random Reserve brigades
GT4 D; 3 x random Reserve brigades
GT5 E; 3 x random Reserve brigades
GT6 F; 4 x random Reserve brigades
GT7 G; 4 x random Reserve brigades
GT8 H; 6 x random Reserve brigades
GT10 I
GT11 J
GT12 K
GT13 L
GT14 M
GT15 N
GT16 O

Scenario Special Rules:

1. International Posture Matrix: When rolling on the Matrix, consider this to be a Tactical Surprise Scenario.

2. Air Combat Losses: Prior to the beginning of play, the Allied player must roll for all Allied non-Long Range Bomber air units. For ROC units, apply a step loss on a 0-4. For all other Allied units, apply a step loss on 0-1. The PRC must also roll for each of his air units; on a 0-2, apply a step loss.

3. PRC Strikes: Prior to the beginning of play, the PRC rolls two dice and adds them together; he may then place an amount of Strike damage equal to the result on any Installations/Airfields in Taiwan. Placing a Destroyed marker counts as three points of damage. Placing on a Hardened Airbase costs double, i.e., 2 points to place a Strike 1. Damage to Airbases/Airfields counts for Steps a. and b. of the Air Superiority Sortie Step for GT1. Add VP directly to the PRC VP Total for any Installations/Airfields marked as Destroyed. Reduce the ASW Level marker appropriately if a Port is marked as Destroyed.

Example: The PRC player rolls a “2” and a “3” and may place a Strike 1 and two Strike 2 markers on 3 different hexes, or may place a Destroyed (counting as 3) and two Strike 1 markers or any other combination.

4. Special Operations Forces: Prior to the beginning of play, both sides perform a Survival Check for each of their SOF Markers. Do not apply GT1-only DRMs.

5. PRC Reinforcements: All PRC units arrive in the PRC Holding Box and must move to Taiwan using normal Sea Transport rules.

6. Allied Reinforcements: If the U.S. intervenes, all USMC units arriving via the Master Allied Reinforcement Table are automatically delayed by two turns. They may arrive in Taiwan via Sea Transport but must make a Contested Sea Movement in order to do so; otherwise, they may arrive in Japan. U.S. Carrier Air Wings are delayed by two turns and are based in any available Carrier Box. They are still considered Naval Air Units, i.e., not eligible for the 2nd Strike Phase. Ignore range restrictions for Naval Air units.

7. ASW and Submarine Threat Levels: Levels are reduced normally for Port destruction. In addition, if the U.S. has intervened at Level 2+, the Submarine Threat Level is automatically reduced by one on each odd turn starting with GT3, and the ASW Level is increased by one on each even turn starting with GT2.

8. Penghu: The Penghu Land Area is considered PRC-controlled until the Taiwan Straits becomes Allied-controlled (see SSR #10 below).

9. Initiative: The PRC has the Initiative automatically on GT1.

10. Naval Rules: Ignore all references to Naval Unit movement, combat, and Sea Control. If the US Intervention Level is 2+, control of the Taiwan Straits Inshore Box can change. In each Inshore Box Control step of the Air/Naval Phase, the PRC player rolls a die to determine control with the following DRMs:

  • – current Submarine Threat Level
  • + current ASW Level
  • + current GT
  • -1 for each full multiple of 4 PRC Cruise Missiles Pts. are available

On the first die roll greater than 9, it becomes Contested. On the second die roll greater than 9, it becomes Allied Controlled. Once the Inshore Box is Allied Controlled, stop rolling.

11. Naval Combat Support: Whichever side controls the Taiwan Straits Inshore Box may, once per Combat Segment, claim a -2 or +2 DRM which represents Naval CS. The combat must take place in a hex within 2 hexes of an All-Sea hex.

12. Initiative VPs: 12

13. Automatic Victory Roll VPs: +110 or more

14. Victory Levels:

Overwhelming 120+
Decisive 90-119
Substantive 56-89
Marginal 41-55
Draw 0-40



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