Conquest of Paradise: Solitaire Rules

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Quite some time ago, Gene asked me to write an InsideGMT article to help support Conquest of Paradise in its pursuit of pre-orders for its new, Deluxe Second Edition printing. Even though there were plenty of improvements from the original printing- such as a mounted map, wood pieces, the new event deck, and improved graphics- Gene wanted more. He strongly suggested a set of solitaire rules for the game.

Random Event Cards for the 2nd Edition of Conquest of Paradise

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CqParadiseCVWe’ve been listening to those of you who’ve been telling us that you want and need to see more specific information about the content of the games on our P500 Reprint list. What has changed? Why is it better? Can I get an upgrade kit? And so on…. So this year we’re making a concerted effort over time to give you guys lots more info about the reprints so that you can make more informed decisions about your purchases. We intend to both update information or links on each game’s P500 page as well as give you more detailed information here in InsideGMT. Your feedback to our recent article on Mark Simonitch’s Normandy ’44 has been terrific, and we’ve had quite a number of new orders placed already, so we’re hopeful that we’re on the right track here and that you guys find this information helpful.

In this article, designer Kevin McPartland is giving you a detailed look into the “new cards and counters” aspect of the 2nd Edition of Conquest of Paradise. We’ve already told you guys that it’ll include a mounted map, but we realized there just wasn’t a lot ELSE out there about the new edition. We hope Kevin’s article will help to fill that void. Enjoy! – Gene


Note that all card and counter art below is playtest art.


Aloha! The upgraded 2nd Edition of Conquest of Paradise, now on GMT’s P-500 list, will have many improvements from the first edition, most notably including a mounted map. Of the many improvements, this article will focus on just one: the Random Event cards.

These cards were included in C3i #22, as a set of three cardstock inserts with nine event cards on each sheet, for a total of 27 Random Events. The cards had to be carefully cut out, and placed in card sleeves (unless you were really carful cutting them out). In the new edition of Conquest of Paradise, these cards will be included in the game (as an optional Advanced rule) and printed as regular playing cards, with the full GMT-quality treatment!

When we first published the Random Events for CoP in C3i, we thought we’d use a chit pull for the events; this later changed to cards. What’s even better? Cards and chits, like the reprint will have! There will be 14 new markers in the game, dedicated to specific Random Event cards. For the C3i cards, we had to use markers that were already in the game, like placing an Improved Agriculture marker at a 45° angle to mark Invasive Weeds. Now we will have a dedicated marker for Invasive Weeds!

InvasiveWeedsCardWeeds Marker