Storming the Heights, Design Notes

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cp-logo-badgeStorming the Heights is the latest entry to hit the GMT P500 from Consim Press. This release covers one of the first major battles of the Crimean War, the Battle of the Alma, fought on 20 September 1854. This game models in a highly-playable format the key elements of the battle — command control (lack of generalship), weaponry, and tactical formations — and aims to captivate players with its strikingly beautiful period map and counters designed by graphic artist, Terry Leeds.

We hope you enjoy Joseph Miranda’s inside look into Storming the Heights and will preorder this game with confidence!
— John Kranz, Consim Press

Silent Victory: The Hunters goes to the Pacific

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cp-logo-badgeSilent Victory TabSilent Victory: U.S. Submarines in the Pacific, 1941–45, is the upcoming release from Consim Press, and is currently available for preorder (approaching the 1,100 preorder mark — thank you!). This game marks the continuation of The Hunters, which has been well received and is now available in its Second Printing. In this blog post, we share what changes are in store for Silent Victory, for those already familiar with The Hunters.

The designer, Gregory M. Smith, is committed to ensure fans of The Hunters feel like they are putting on a comfortable pair of slippers when playing Silent Victory, but with appropriate changes for the Pacific. The core of the game engine is identical. A sign of laziness from the designer? No, because the game system is solid and it works well as a chassis for modeling the Pacific.

Now let’s see what changes are in store for Silent Victory.