A Turn in a Nutshell: A Closer Look at “Welcome to Centerville”

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You came back! What – you have a couple of simple questions? No worries, make yourself comfortable and ask away. “What does a turn look like in WtC?” No, that’s not a simple question but I’ll tackle it. This may take a few minutes – grab yourself a snack and a drink from the kitchen and I’ll set the board up to walk you through it. Ready?

Hey, just a reminder – this is PLAYTEST artwork. We’ll get the final art later on, this is just to get us through testing and examples like this. So you can follow along, here are the player colors:

  • Chad: white
  • Mark: tan
  • Bob: gray
  • Kai: dark brown

So here’s what we have:


Welcome to Centerville

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Behind the Curtain

So, you’ve read the description of the game or looked at the pictures of some playtest graphics, and you want to know more. Well, come on over here, mind your step around the 4-sided dice on the floor there and please ignore the man behind that curtain. That’s just Chad – hard at work on a game.

What is he doing? Probably writing the rules to Welcome to Centerville. No, I’m not kidding. It’s always the last thing to get done and the game just lives in his head until he is forced, through deadlines, to finally put it all down on paper. There’s no point in doing it any earlier in the process as things change so quickly – sometimes a small tweak, sometimes a drastic overhaul – and he would waste time writing and re-writing.

And before we go any further, let me state that all graphics used here are PLAYTEST GRAPHICS ONLY! We need something to print out so we can push around the pieces for playtesting. Once we get far enough along in the production queue, we’ll get the final art in place – but we’re not there yet.